Let’s Make Babies!

PCOS & Infertility

Hey there its Ally! So in order to understand my story to motherhood I needed to share my struggles before pregnancy. I found out at a young age that I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I was experiencing horrible cramping and irregular periods which lead to going to the OBGYN to get a diagnosis. With that diagnosis came the understanding of infertility issues which at the time wasn’t a huge concern.

Fast forward to my mid 20s where I have met my now husband (Jonathan) and I’m curious as to what infertility for me actually means. The main response I received was “when your ready to get pregnant let me know”. Well I’m a planner and that response wasn’t working for me. We had decided I wasn’t going to take my birth control and we would just give it a go. So after about 3 years of trying and no success I went to my OBGYN and said what is our next steps.

My husband already has a child so clearly its because of me. LADIES! I’m not sure who needs to hear this but just because he already had a child doesn’t mean he could do it again. The amount of guilt and blame I was putting on myself was unreal. Thankfully my OB said lets do a range of tests on BOTH of YOU. Her reasoning was why assume its just because of my issues and treat it. When we can see the whole picture and treat the actual issue. So all of our tests came back normal and no issues. Which was great but why can’t we get pregnant. She ruled it as an unexplained lack of pregnancy which is medical terms for who knows!

Stay Tuned for my pregnancy story!


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