Emergency C-Section: Emersyn’s Birth Story

Hey! In the very end of my Pregnancy Story I talked about how Emersyn was going to come early. We went Friday for our final growth scan and boom all of a sudden she had grown and could stay. My husband and I were in shock. We had finally gotten use to the fact that she was coming the next day or two. I’m sure we seemed like the most ungrateful parents to hear that our sweet baby was okay and now on target. But something in both of our guts didn’t feel right. Our girl who for 9 ultrasounds wasn’t growing on target and who had to be monitored so closely multiple times a week was good to go. Well good thing we went with our guts!

After arguing a bit we convinced my OBGYN to let us get induced on that Saturday just like we had scheduled. We went in at 8:00 am and were ready to go. I was only 1 cm dilated. We start the labor process of using a medication to try to dilated my cervix. This small pill that they insert takes 4 hours to work. So every 4 hours the doctor would check. After 2 pills I still wasn’t dilating and now I was having serve contractions on the monitor that I wasn’t feeling. After the 3rd pill I was in pain and still only 1 cm. My contractions were now painful and I had asked for my epidural.

Now I will take complete credit for this but I honestly knew very little about the labor process either way. I understood you needed to ask for an epidural before it became too late to get one. I knew it would hurt and you had to be super still because of the needle. What I didn’t know was the side effects that could happen because of an epidural.

Side Effects of an Epidural:

  • itching
  • low blood pressure
  • nausea and vomiting
  • fever
  • loss of bladder control
  • headache
  • slowed breathing

Other Very Rare Complications

  • fits (convulsions)
  • severe breathing difficulty

Scariest moment for my husband was that after about 10 minutes with my Epidural I started to have convulsions and my blood pressure was dropping super low. As soon as my blood pressure dropped there was at least 4 different nurses coming in with my doctor. I had an oxygen mask placed on my face. For the next several hours nurses would come in and out of my room putting medicine in my IV to bring up my blood pressure. Every time they brought up my blood pressure my chest would itch and Emersyn’s heart rate would drop.

At about 2:00 am my doctor lets me know that I am going to have an emergency c-section right then. In less than 20 minutes our sweet baby made her entrance. I was unable to hold her right after due to still having convulsions. We later found out that her umbilical cord was only 6 inches long. My poor husband was told had we tried to deliver vaginally he might have lost us both. Our bodies are amazing and my body wouldn’t let me deliver vaginally.

Emersyn was born 6lbs even and 18 inches long.

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