Never say never: Cosleeping

So I have to fully admit I was one of those people that said my kids would never sleep in my bed. As you can guess I caved and Emersyn slept in our bed with us until she was almost 4 months old. Hints why I said never say never. People would often say “oh you never know you might not feel that way later”. Now I still felt that way. I honestly didn’t want her in our bed mainly for safety reasons. We had plans to use a cradle or bassinet and then move her to her crib. Clearly, our plans were not Emersyn’s plans and she is the boss around here.

Around 8 weeks old we found out Emersyn had bad reflux. She had been spitting up a lot at a time and when we would try to lay her down at night it was horrible. We decided to try some medicine for her reflux and saw improvement but she still wasn’t sleeping at night. Which means no one was sleeping at night. Now in the beginning she slept on me. I know horrible idea. Emmy slept Mom didn’t.

Eventually I found this awesome reflux pillow on amazon. I am not sure if it has helped her reflux or not but it helped her sleep because of the cozy feeling. We were able to have her sleep successfully at night in this pillow! Yay! I was still looking for something with sides so I could feel better about Mom and Dad not accidentally rolling too close to her.

One day at target I saw this Cosleeper for around 45 dollars that was the same price on amazon. I loved that it had hard sides and it wasn’t huge or super expensive. We decided to give it a try. I put her reflux pillow that she was use to inside of the cosleeper. Finally everyone was able to sleep a little easier.

So if you were like me and didn’t want to cosleep but now you are I highly recommend these two items to give you some peace of mind and hopefully a little sleep. Or if you’re that mom that wants to cosleep these are some awesome products that you will love.

Link for Cosleeper
Link for Pillow

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