Emersyn’s Weight


So I just wanted to give some updates about Emersyn since her birth story. I know I talked all about her struggle to gain weight during me pregnancy and she came out just a little peanut. After she was born she struggled to latch after the first day. We went through a time in the hospital were she was screaming, turning red and refusing to latch. We decided to bottle feed until my milk came in. Of course it came in the morning after we went home. We had an lactation appointment the next day. So I just decided to pump and continue to feed her bottles.

Since that day we have always bottle fed. I exclusively pump to provide her with breast milk. Now some of you might already know from previous posts that I struggle to not judge or push my self to a certain amount of ounces a day. I bring up the part about her being bottle fed breast milk because of her size.

It took Emersyn almost a month to get back to her birth weight. Since leaving the hospital Emmy has been in the 1st percentile for weight. At her 2 month check up she weighed 8 pounds 1 oz and at her 3 month she weighed 9 pounds 14 oz. Her weight at her 4 month check up she was 10 pounds 9 oz. We will be going to her 6 month visit in less than a week.

As a mom who was constantly having to monitor her weight during pregnancy and now after I am struggling. There are days where I feel so proud of this little tiny baby who is growing and thriving. But there are also days where I feel so helpless about her size. Her pediatrician is supportive of everything we are doing and happy with her progress. With that being said it is extremely hard to constantly hear that she is in the 1st percentile for weight. One of the first things people say when seeing her is how small she is for her age.

So I know your saying Ally! Get to the point. The point is Mamas if your baby is happy, growing and thriving. Throw that damn percentile crap out the window. Don’t let anyone judge what you feel is best for your baby. Could I switch her to formula? Sure! Would it be easier than pumping all the time? Yes. But what I want for my baby is just as important as what the doctor says. Plus let’s be honest here. Who cares what the size of an average baby is anyways. Now saying all that don’t worry I am still human and will need to check myself after her 6 month visit. But for now all that matters is my mommy guilt is getting check at the door for another time. In case you didn’t know our sweet little Emmy is funny, feisty and BIG in personality.

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